About DCT

Terminal Services

Container handling

The DCT Gdansk terminal offers clients a wide range of services related to transshipment of all types of containers and general cargo along with handling of oversized and heavy items.

CFS services

The CFS complex consists of two storage halls with a total area of ​​8200 sq m with adjacent storage and handling yards and with access to a railway siding. The machine park consists of wagons with a lifting capacity from 2t to 45t. Among them, modern MecLift multi-purpose vehicles with a capacity of 18 tons, which thanks to their compact dimensions are able to operate inside any container. Specialized equipment allows professional handling of a wide range of goods. The CFS is equipped with the Actiw Oy LoadPlate automated container loading system. It is a proven solution, enabling one-time loading of goods with a total weight of up to 30t with the possibility of using almost the entire volume of the container. Specialized staff provides safe and professional service at every stage, in accordance with the highest standards. Among the many completed transhipment projects are, among others all kinds of oversized loads, production lines, military equipment, steel products, specialized vehicles, boats and yachts, loads classified as hazardous by IMDG Code and many more.

Project Cargo

DCT is an important point of implementation of special projects, including related tasks with reloading and securing of goods whose volume, weight or other special conditions, do not allow containerization. These are large-size elements for the offshore industry and fuel concerns, luxury goods such as catamarans and seagoing motor boats, elements of wind towers, air sleeves, turbines and various types of steel constructions. Large-scale military reloading combat equipment projects have been successfully completed.