DCT Gdańsk does not only invest in the development of its employees, but it also encourages employees to become involved in helping other people and supports the employees’ initiatives. DCT’s employees organise charitable campaigns for their colleagues in need. For a few years we have been raising funds in the Christmas period to help our two colleagues who need financial support for treatment. The campaign is accompanied by tasting cakes and sale of Christmas decorations. Employees bring delicious cakes and the funds raised at the time of the tasting are greater every year. The charitable Christmas fair has become a tradition in DCT.   In 2017 a new idea initiated by DCT workers emerged - Charity Run for Marta. Employees from all departments took part in the running contest at the terminal. A lof of workers including the Managment Board ran for the health of our colleague.

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DCT running team

  In 2016 there was established the running team of DCT Gdańsk, which is currently composed of ca. 25 people. Runners meet on a regular basis during trainings, and they represent DCT container terminal with dignity while taking part in the competitions and races, from the most demanding ones (ultra), where one of our colleagues ran 100 miles, to less significant ones, which do not require such fitness, whose distance reaches a few or a dozen or so kilometres. Runners in uniforms sponsored by DCT Gdańsk:  

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DCT football team

DCT Gdańsk cares about physical activity of its employees, as a result of which it supports its football team. DCT team takes part in the greatest amateur football league in Pomerania i.e. PL3. Competitions are held twice per year, in autumn and spring. DCT finances the participation in the leagues, the uniforms, the awards for the team and the costs of rental of a sports hall. The sports hall may be used not only by footballers composing the team, but by all employees of DCT, for purely recreational purposes. DCT encourages its employees to develop their passion, to improve their skills and to be active.    

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