Operational report – week 9

4-th March 2019

Dear Customers, Please find the new formula of the operational report, which will be published every Monday. Download report - week 9 Next report: 11.03.2019

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Ice-skating with Gdansk hockey team players

13-th February 2019

As part of our cooperation with Pomeranian Hockey Club, DCT Gdansk employees with their families had the chance to ice-skate with Gdansk hockey team players in Hala Olivia. Thank you MH Automatyka for having us! We had the best time. Good luck for the coming hockey games.

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One of the new STS cranes is fully operational

11-th February 2019

One of the three new STS cranes purchased as part of the T2b project after completion of the testing phase, was put into service on February 2, 2019. The crane is fully operational and supports handling operations at T2 berth. The second STS crane still being tested, and the third one, which arrived at DCT Gdańsk later than the first two, is being assembled on the yard and has already reached a vertical dimension.

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Operational situation – update

31-st January 2019

MSC Zoe vessel will berth at DCT Gdansk earlier – tomorrow (01.02.2019) morning. The estimated time of departure is Saturday (02.02.2019) morning. DCT Gdansk  

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Operational situation

30-th January 2019

Dear Customers, With reference to the previous announcements, we would like to inform you that the utilization of DCT’s terminal yard capacity has reached its maximum. In view of the above, DCT have changed the working hours of the gate complex to operate on a 24/7 basis for the two coming weeks. We also encourage to drop or pick up containers during night hours in vehicle booking system E-Brama. Moreover, import containers are available immediately after discharge from oceanic vessels. CSCL Globe vessel is expected to arrive tonight (30.01.2019) at 20:00 p.m. The end of discharge operations is planned for Saturday (02.02.2019) at 18:00. MSC ZOE will berth at DCT Gdansk on Saturday (02.02.2019) evening. The estimated time of departure is Sunday (03.02.2019) 6 a.m. We would like to ask for understanding and cooperation. Yours faithfully, DCT Gdansk

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Announcement for customers

25-th January 2019

Dear Customers, with reference to the previous announcement from January 21st, 2019, we would like to inform you that the utilization of DCT’s terminal yard is reaching a level close to its maximum capacity. This is due to changes in shipping schedules, add-hoc calls and an earlier than normal import peak associated with Chinese New Year. This is in combination with the effects of bad weather and storms from earlier in January. Whilst we are making every effort to ensure that the situation returns to normal, we estimate that the difficulties may last for a further 2 weeks. This situation is affecting the road as well as the operation of the railway terminal, which has resulted in delays to the servicing of trains. In view of the above, DCT will change the working hours of the gate complex to operate on a 24/7 basis and will also make import containers available immediately after discharge for the next two weeks. The first vessel, from which import containers will be available immediately after discharge, is the 2M alliance service vessel MADRID MAERSK, which is due to start discharge operations in the evening of January 26th. We will remain in constant contact with shipping lines, intermodal operators and trucking companies to minimize the impact of the existing situation on road and rail operations and will provide further updates regarding developments of the operational situation of the terminal. Yours faithfully, DCT Gdansk

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New STS cranes – two being tested and the third being erected

18-th January 2019

Two new STS cranes which are already at T2 berth are being tested. The tests should last around two weeks. The third one, which came by sea at the beginning of December, is being erected. The process started around one week ago and the STS crane should reach the vertical dimension within one week if weather conditions are not harsh.  

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Five new eRTG cranes being assembled

18-th January 2019

Five new fully electric RTG cranes, which came by sea to DCT Gdansk terminal at the beginning of December, are being assembled on the yards. One of them has already reached vertical dimension. Five eRTGs were bought as part of T2b project. They will be started and tested in the second half of February 2019. A the beginning of May they will be fully operational. From then on DCT Gdansk will have forty RTG cranes to handle containers at the yard of the terminal. Twenty eRTG cranes for T2 yards and 20 RTG cranes for T1 yards.  

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14-th January 2019

We are deeply saddened on the tragic death of the President of Gdańsk Paweł Adamowicz. The President Paweł Adamowicz managed Gdańsk for over two decades, which under his leadership has become a modern metropolis. Invaluable support of the President for the development of sea ports and DCT Gdańsk will always be a foundation of the strong Pomerania region. In this time of sorrow, we join family and friends of the President in the pain and grief. Management and employees of DCT Gdansk S.A.

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T2b project – status of the works

13-th December 2018

As part of the preparations for the extension of storage yards the following works have been completed: reinforcement of the ground base, the majority of energy, sanitary, fire and gas networks, as well as rainwater drainage. Works related to the new access road to the terminal are coming to an end - the bituminous layers are being made and the handover of Nowa Kontenerowa will take place in the coming weeks. After the traffic will be entirely moved to Nowa Kontenerowa, which is to take place in mid-January 2019, the demolition of the existing Kontenerowa Street, which is located in the middle of the designed storage yards, will begin. The next phase of the works will be the construction of the pavement structure for future storage yards. Part of the existing infrastructure on the truck parking lot, including in the vicinity of the gate complex, is reconstructed and arranged to adapt it to the needs of the newly implemented OCR system. These works include the construction of a significant number of foundations for supply of infrastructure such as cameras, barriers, traffic lights, self-service kiosks, etc. Another element of the works will be the assembly of the above-mentioned devices and system configuration. As part of the T2b Project, the first stage of extension and reconstruction of the existing DCT railway siding has started. Two additional STS cranes have already started their first launches and tests, while the third new STS crane which arrived in early December is being assembled. At the beginning of 2019, two STS cranes will be fully operational and the third one will be ready after the first half of the year. As a result, in the middle of next year, DCT Gdansk terminal will have fully operational 14 STS cranes at both quays of 1300 m total length.  

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5 new eRTG cranes already in DCT Gdansk

6-th December 2018

At the beginning of December parts of 5 new eRTG cranes, which were bought as part of T2b project, came by sea to DCT Gdansk terminal. After unloading them from the ship, they will be assembled on the yard of the terminal.

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November 12th

6-th November 2018

Dear Customers, We would like to kindly inform you that if the 12th of Nov 2018 is officially announced as a Public Holiday, DCT’s road gate will be closed from 06:00 am to 06:00 pm on the same day. Additionally, please be advised that ‘Sunday Surcharges’ will be applied for the duration of the declared Public Holiday in accordance with the DCT Gdansk Standard Tariff.

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New STS cranes already transported to T2 berth

29-th October 2018

Yesterday, two additional STS cranes were transported to T2 berth. Now that they are at their destination spot, they will be tested and started. Cranes will be fully operational at the beginning of 2019. Then, DCT terminal terminal will have thirteen fully operational STS cranes handling containers at both quays of 1300 m total length. Please watch the video footage of the transportation process.

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New STS cranes for T2 berth has reached vertical dimension

5-th October 2018

In late September, the two new STS cranes, which arrived to DCT by sea dismantled at the beginning of August, have reached vertical dimension. The process of lifting main elements of the cranes has been completed. After dismantled parts of STS cranes had arrived by vessel and were unloaded by ship cranes, they were transported from the berth to the assembly yard spot by both transport vehicles and specialist self-propelled modular transporters. Now that the process of lifting the STS cranes has finished, at the end of October they will be transported to T2 berth, where they will be started and tested.

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T2b investment works in progress

2-nd October 2018

T2b investment works are in full swing. As a part of yard extension and construction of the new access road to DCT, the following works have been completed: removing the first layer of soil, reinforcing the soil foundation and the embankment of the new road called “Nowa Kontenerowa”. Currently works on the implementation of sanitary and electric networks are in progress. The part of the existing infrastructure of the truck car park near the Gate Complex have been rearranged. The infrastructure is being prepared for the OCR system which will be also implemented as a part of T2b project. The next stage of works will be the construction of the pavement structure on Nowa Kontenerowa Street. In the near future, the agreement will be signed with the General Contractor for construction works regarding the extension of DCT railway siding. The completion of the works is planned for III Q 2019.  

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