Current situation at DCT Gdansk caused by the delays of oceanic vessels

9-th September 2016

Dear Sirs, Last week we informed you about a very high level of the yard occupancy in DCT Gdansk container terminal (exceeding 90 per cent) caused by the recurring delays of oceanic ships – even up to 60 hours. Oceanic vessels arriving in recent time with such a delay (even up to 2,5 days) could not remain without an influence on the yard, gate and rail operations. We have made every effort to minimalise service delays at the terminal. For that purpose, we sped up starting operations on E1-E3 yards at the new T2 berth and also using two additional RTG cranes. We run all of our operational capacity, which is used to its limits, in order to reduce the effects that you might experience because of the vessels’ delays, on which DCT terminal has no influence. Thanks to employees’ involvement, at the weekend on rail we managed to handle 1360 containers, while the maximum assumed was 1250. Nevertheless, trains which do not have a permanent booking time, might be handled with a delay (1-2 days) for approx. two weeks. Trains with permanent booking time are handled according to the plan without any major delays. The subsequent yards at the new T2 berth are gradually becoming operational and the new terminal equipment is being started. The situation will normalize within two weeks. We would like to ask for your understanding and assure you that we want our cooperation to be at the highest level despite the difficulties, the causes of which are beyond the control of DCT Gdansk terminal.   DCT Gdansk S.A.

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The occupancy of yards in DCT – announcement

1-st September 2016

Dear Sirs, We would like to inform that in recent days the occupancy of the yards in DCT Gdansk container terminal has exceeded the level of 90 per cent. It is directly caused by the recurring delays of oceanic vessels – even up to 60 hours. The delays had an influence on the imbalance between operations of import and export containers, including the shipping lines’ decisions to limit the loading of full export and empty containers. That is why, in the next few days (especially after the weekend 3-4 September 2016) DCT terminal might experience considerable difficulties in the process of yard, gate and rail operations. Please take into consideration the above factors while planning pick ups and drop offs of the containers. We assure you that we make every effort to minimalize the effects of this situation, therefore the Management Board has made the decision to speed up the process of starting operations on some yards at the new T2 berth, which are going to start this weekend.  DCT Gdansk SA  

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Temporarily disabled terminal system Navis at night (15-16 July 2016)

13-th July 2016

Dear Sirs, Please note that from 10:00 p.m. on Friday (15 July 2016) till 06:00 a.m. on Saturday (16 July 2016), there will be a Navis update. It means that both rail and road will be closed during the above-mentioned hours. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience and kindly ask you to plan the container pick-ups and drop-offs at another time convenient for you.

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Working hours of DCT gate complex at summer weekends

14-th June 2016

Dear Customers, Due to summer holidays in Poland and truck traffic restrictions at summer weekends, DCT introduces time-bound changes in the working schedule of the DCT gate complex. Starting from Saturday 25th June 2016 and ending on the last day of August, gates will be open till 14:00 on Saturdays. They will be open again at 18:00 on Sundays. Best regards, DCT Gdansk S.A. Deepwater Container Terminal Gdansk

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2-nd June 2016

On the 2nd June 2016 the largest container vessel ever built with the capacity of 19,224 TEU MSC MAYA called at DCT Gdansk container terminal for the first time. The giant container ship Maya, which belongs to MSC, travels to DCT as a part of a weekly oceanic service of 2M Alliance (Maersk Line, MSC). So far this route to Far East was realized only by Maersk ships. With the maiden call of Maya, MSC fleet joins the regular service of the two ship owners. MSC Maya is now in service on the Silk trade route between Asia and Europe, connecting Gdansk to Yantian in 32 days. From her last port of call in Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia, MSC Maya travels to Europe where she calls at Gdansk with a transit time of 25 days. Capacity: 19, 224 TEU Length: 395,4 m Width: 59 m MSC Maya was built in 2015 by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) in Okpo, South Korea and sails under the Panama flag. Maya is a twin counterpart of MSC Oscar, which was built a year earlier. In true MSC family tradition, the vessel is named after the daughter of Elâ and Diego Aponte, President and Chief Executive Officer of MSC Group. The colossal vessel has a deck area equivalent to four football fields laid end to end. What can MSC Maya carry in a single voyage? A cargo volume equivalent to: 57.7 million garments or 1.15 million washing machines or 2.4 million microwave ovens. If Maya was put vertically, it would be higher than Eiffel Tower.    

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The end of collective labour dispute

19-th April 2016

Dear Sirs, We are pleased to inform that the Management Board of DCT Gdansk and Solidarity Trade Unions at DCT signed the agreement ending the collective labour dispute. The adopted solutions lead us to believe that DCT Gdansk will continue to be able to effectively compete with the largest container terminals in Europe. The dispute started on 18th of June 2015.

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Reorganization of the Management Board of DCT Gdańsk SA

8-th January 2016

DCT Gdańsk SA, operator of the largest Polish container terminal announces that Captain Jedrzej Mierzewski, Chief Operations Officer resigned from his function at the beginning of January 2016. Captain Jędrzej Mierzewski has been associated professionally with shipping and ports industry for over 30 years. His knowledge and broad experience gained in the international environment, as well as commitment to the Company’s objectives, significantly contributed to the dynamic development of DCT Gdańsk SA, which was confirmed by the Company winning Maersk Line award ‘Best terminal in Northern Europe’ twice. During his work at DCT Gdańsk SA, Captain Jedrzej Mierzewski as an experienced mentor coached many young professionals and prepared them to execute key operational tasks. His contribution has strengthened the process of building the market position of DCT Gdańsk SA aimed to take a leadership role among the Baltic Sea container terminals. The Management Board and Supervisory Board of DCT Gdańsk SA would like to express its heartfelt thanks to Captain Jędrzej Mierzewski and wish him all success in his future endeavours.

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Current situation at DCT Gdansk

18-th November 2015

Dear Customers, Please find below an update on the situation at DCT Gdansk terminal. As you were informed, recently DCT Gdansk has taken a number of measures in order to improve the quality of service level at the terminal. To eliminate uncomfortable situations for drivers, we have introduced automatic truck flow control system – the traffic lights at the gates, which facilitates the entry into the terminal. Additionally, the information panel for drivers, which is being implemented at DCT Gdansk website, improves the quality of communication between the terminal and the carriers. The panel contains information regarding: the number of trucks awaiting at the parking lot, the average gate service time, the number of currently berthing vessels, the picture of the parking lot taken every 5 minutes. Please, find the direct link to the information panel for drivers here: We are confident that this solution will allow a better traffic flow through the DCT parking area. We would also like to remind that the new parking regulations came into effect from 2nd November 2015. November is the trial period when drivers will only receive verbal information that the permitted parking time is shortened to 2 hours. DCT Gdansk Team

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Availability of import containers from m/v “Marstal Maersk”

6-th November 2015

Dear Customers, As you were informed by shipping lines, over the past days weather conditions were bad in large parts of North Europe. Such conditions have influenced port operations in Europe due to reduced visibility. These had the direct impact on MARSTAL MAERSK delay in DCT Gdansk. Due to the above we would like to inform that 2M Alliance import containers from MARSTAL MAERSK will be available from Monday, 9th November 2015, 06:00am. DCT Gdansk terminal ensures that we will do everything possible to serve your cargo as fast as possible with the highest safety standard at the same time. We highly appreciate your understanding and informing your freight forwarders and carriers. The current information on the import containers availability will be also published on our web site Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department, tel.: (+48) 58 737 6318, Customer Advisory by Maersk Line

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Current situation at DCT Gdansk

26-th October 2015

Recently DCT Gdansk has taken a number of measures in order to improve the quality of service level at the terminal. In response to requests and opinions of terminal's clients expressed in the survey, one of the improvements which is now being implemented is the extension of opening hours at the gate complex. It will be open from 2 p.m. on Sundays, starting from the 8th of November 2015. It will certainly facilitate and speed up the process of gate service. Another action aimed at eliminating the uncomfortable situations for drivers when there is too much traffic at our parking area, is to shorten the permitted parking time to 2 hours. We are confident that this solution will allow a better traffic flow through the DCT parking. The following links lead to maps showing parking lots located: close to DCT Gdansk terminal further from DCT Gdansk terminal The new parking regulations come into effect from 02nd November 2015. The full text of the new regulations is available here. The November will be the trial period when drivers will only receive verbal information that the permitted parking time is shortened. DCT Gdansk team

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Information for DCT ‘s customers

6-th October 2015

Dear Customers, We would like to inform you about a few challenges which has recently occurred in DCT Gdansk. The most important as well as the most visible to our clients is the intensified land traffic during peak hours, which in effect causes difficulties in handling truck and rail gates. This situation has been taken seriously by DCT. Actions, which has already been implemented, include: introduction of an automatic truck flow control – the traffic lights at the gates, which facilitates the entry into the terminal; introducing changes in traffic organization and managing the traffic during peak hours in order to reduce congestion at the parking area of DCT; changing the organization of traffic on Kontenerowa street behind the railway crossing towards DCT through the introduction of horizontal signs; introduction of a storage yard dedicated for containers destined for the rail – when they are still on the ship we define the containers leaving DCT by rail and prepare them on the separate yard so that they require as few moves as possible before placing them on the wagon, which significantly saves the loading time of the train. For a couple of months DCT has been also conducting an intensive recruitment process in order to increase the level of employment. The new employees are continuously being trained. The terminal is negotiating the terms of cooperation with employment agencies, which in critical moments will be able to support the work of DCT. To improve the traffic capacity, new parking regulations at DCT are being developed, which will come into force in October 2015. Apart from short-term activities, since the beginning of this year DCT has been preparing truck appointment system, which aims to introduce time slots for drivers and at the same time to spread the traffic evenly during the day. The start of the pilot system is planned for the 4Q2015. Additionally, in 2016 DCT will implement: gate automation based on OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) and functionalities of NAVIS operating system (Prime Route and Expert Decking). All the above actions are intensively implemented and have a direct effect on improvement of the land traffic handling with equal focus on the gates and the rail. First results will be visible within 4-6 weeks. DCT Gdansk would like to apologize for the inconveniences and ensure that our team makes every effort to minimize the influence of the described situation on your business. At the same time we would like to kindly ask you to make sure that containers, which you would like to pick up, are ready to go. We also remind that DCT parking area is not long-term, and that is why we request you to inform your drivers about using our parking lot only to deal with formalities at Pre-gate. It will significantly improve the traffic capacity at the parking area of DCT. We would also like to ask customers, whose containers are going to leave DCT by rail, to contact the Rail Department as soon as possible so that we can prepare in advance the group of containers to be loaded, which will significantly reduce the loading time of the train. DCT Gdansk Team

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Wyróżnienie w Konkursie Dyrektor Finansowy Roku

29-th September 2015

23 września 2015 roku, podczas Kongresu Dyrektorów Finansowych w warszawskim hotelu Sheraton, odbył się finał jubileuszowej X edycji Konkursu Dyrektor Finansowy Roku. Podczas uroczystej ceremonii, zostali ogłoszeni laureaci plebiscytu, promującego i wyróżniającego osoby zarządzające finansami przedsiębiorstw, które cechują się profesjonalizmem, etyką, skutecznością w działaniu oraz stają się biznesowymi wizjonerami budującymi wartość firmy. W kategorii Dużych Przedsiębiorstw kapituła przyznała wyróżnienie Adamowi Żołnowskiemu, Wiceprezesowi ds. Finansowych DCT Gdańsk. Doceniono jego wkład w budowę wartości firmy wykraczający poza sferę finansów, a także szerokie spojrzenie, uwzględniające funkcjonowania przedsiębiorstwa w regionie. Adam Żołnowski odniósł sukces, jako finansista, menedżer, a także lokalny patriota, przyczyniając się między innymi do usprawnienia funkcjonowania portu w Gdańsku. Podczas tegorocznej edycji Kapituła Konkursu "doceniła" także Beatę Ewę Janowską – Dyrektor Finansową firmy Conbelts Bytom oraz Marka Gruszeckiego – Członka Zarządu ds. Finansowych w firmie Quad/Graphics Europe. Szczegółowe informacje o Kongresie oraz Konkursie, dostępne są na oficjalnej stronie wydarzenia:

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m/v Hong Kong Express in DCT Gdansk

11-th August 2015

Hapag Lloyd’s container vessel “Hong Kong Express”, with over 13 000 TEU capacity, berthed at DCT Gdansk on Tuesday, 11th of August. Maiden call of this G6 Alliance affiliated vessel officially inaugurated cooperation between DCT Gdansk and members of the Alliance: APL, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM), Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL), Hapag-Lloyd, Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) and Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL). “For the last five years DCT Gdansk was building its position of the biggest container hub in the Baltic Sea. Attractiveness of our unique ability to handle ultra large container carriers coming directly from Far East has been confirmed by G6 Alliance’s decision to include Gdansk call in their Loop 7 port rotation. We are very happy to welcome all partners of G6 Alliance in Gdansk and we are sure that this is just a beginning of our long and mutually beneficial cooperation” says Maciek Kwiatkowski, CEO of DCT Gdansk. The G6 Alliance Loop 7 is a weekly service calling at 6 European ports in the following rotation: Rotterdam, Hamburg, Gdansk, Gothenburg, Antwerp and Southampton before crossing the Indian Ocean to Asia. In Asia, Loop 7 calls Qingdao, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Yantian and Singapore.

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Hamburg Süd in DCT Gdansk

23-rd July 2015

Container terminal DCT Gdansk has a pleasure to inform that developing its feeder connections it started cooperation with Hamburg Süd, whose first containers were handled at DCT Gdansk on 20th of July 2015. Hamburg Süd is a German container line with a long tradition. As a global line, Hamburg Süd has more than 250 representative offices around the world. In 2015 the line received the Asia Cargo News award “Best Green Shipping Line”. - The last weeks abounded with information about the expanding spectrum of DCT’s clients. On the one hand it is a natural result of our long-standing works on developing a reliable brand, on the other hand it is a confirmation that a unique offer of DCT Gdansk is attractive for global carriers, which are world leaders in the field of container transport – says Dominik Landa, Commercial Director of DCT Gdansk. Hamburg Süd containers will be transported to/from DCT on a weekly Seago Line service.  

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15-th July 2015

Container terminal DCT Gdansk has a pleasure to inform that it started cooperation with a new shipping line - United Arab Shipping Company (UASC). First UASC containers were handled at DCT terminal on Wednesday  the 15th of July 2015.   A feeder connection, supporting the connection of UASC between North Europe and East Coast of the United States of America, regularly calls at DCT Gdansk. - Expanding the portfolio of customers with UASC is another confirmation for DCT  that our product is appreciated in the marine environment. We are convinced that this is the beginning of good cooperation – says Dominik Landa, Commercial Director of DCT Gdansk. United Arab Shipping Company is a global container carrier coming from the Middle East. The company was founded in 1976, it calls at 240 ports around the world and has more than 185 representative offices.  

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G6 Alliance expands to the Baltic Sea

22-nd June 2015

Members of the G6 Alliance: APL, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM), Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL), Hapag-Lloyd, Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) and Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) made the decision to extend the Asia-Europe service (Loop 7) to the Baltic. This weekly service calls 4 European ports: Rotterdam, Hamburg, Gdansk and Southampton before crossing the Indian Ocean to Asia. In Asia, Loop 7 calls Singapore, Yantian, Qingdao, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Gdansk will become the third in sequence European port in the loop. First G6 vessel is expected to call DCT Gdansk in the beginning of August 2015.

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Groundbreaking ceremony

15-th May 2015

Construction of the second deep-water berth in DCT Gdansk (T2) became a fact. Janusz Piechocinski, Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, officially inaugurated the construction of the new terminal. Completion of this project with an investment amounting to EUR 200 million, which is financed by the consortium of 7 banks,  is scheduled for the third quarter of 2016. “Gdansk regained its position as a city playing significant role in international sea transport. DCT, with two deep-water terminals, capable of handling 3 million TEU annually, is a trigger for the external trade development not only in Poland but also in the whole region of Central Eastern Europe. This reflects the growing potential of Polish importers and exporters, who are more competitive now, when they benefit from direct vessel calls from the Far East to the Baltic” said Janusz Piechocinski. Building the second berth in DCT Gdansk is also an important factor in Polish infrastructure development. “Gdansk could have never become such an important commercial center if it did not have fine infrastructure linking it with Polish hinterland and countries neighboring Poland. Polish road and rail infrastructure has improved dramatically during last 10 years and thanks to investments such as the second deep-water berth in Gdansk, we continue improving the quality of Polish transport corridors” added Maciek Kwiatkowski, CEO of DCT Gdansk. The T2 groundbreaking ceremony took place on Friday, 15th of May, 2015. The inauguration of the construction works was preceded by the round table discussion, which was a good opportunity to raise awareness of Australia’s contribution to Poland’s and the broader region’s growth. The main theme was innovation as the key to accelerating economic growth in Poland. Discussion participants tried to answer the question if Australian investments in logistics and energy can assist in transformation of Poland and Central Eastern Europe. The round table discussion was organized together with Embassy of the Commonwealth of Australia and Austrade – Australian Trade Commission. “DCT Gdansk, as Polish investment of Australian shareholders combines the experience of both countries and contributes this special mix of know-how and innovation to Poland’s economy. We are proud to be a beneficiary of successful impact of Australia’s best practices in managing business” concluded Maciek Kwiatkowski. During the inauguration a time capsule containing message regarding the meaning of DCT’s investment and its current influence on region’s economy, was placed at T2 construction site. Its exact location will be marked with a special memorial plaque.

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Construction of a new deepwater berth in DCT Gdansk has started

23-rd January 2015

DCT Gdansk secured €290 million to meet the growing demand for deep-sea services in Central-Eastern Europe by expanding its operations. The investor, Poland’s largest container terminal, has officially started the construction phase of a new deepwater quay in Gdansk’s Northern Port. On Thursday, 22 January 2015 DCT Gdansk has handed over the construction site to the Belgian N.V. BESIX – the general contractor and the designer of the new facility. Visualization: DCT Gdansk 2016 “DCT Gdansk’s team, our shareholders, clients and the people supporting us in this project, had been waiting for this moment for over two years. Getting to this stage was not easy, but today we can be proud that this major step for the Polish container industry has been made. Poland and the whole Baltic area have gained a new quality in deep-sea services with a multi-user container terminal capable to serve the world’s largest container vessels” said Maciek Kwiatkowski, DCT Chief Executive Officer. The construction works will last 19 months. These include both site preparation and building the facility. The preparation of the building site should take approximately six weeks. After this, the construction works will begin.  

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