DCT inspires people to choose their dream profession

We take several initiatives at DCT to support children and young people. One of them is our cooperation with the ‘Inspirational Examples’ Foundation, which has been promoting entrepreneurship among young people and ethics in business for years.


One of the main goals of the ‘Inspiring Examples Foundation’ is for students to go beyond the safe walls of the school, broaden their horizons and awaken their dreams. The students’ visits to the largest Pomeranian companies are intended to help young people decide on the direction of their further education and convince them landing a great job does not mean leaving the country. The project’s originator is Leszek Szmidtke – a historian, former Radio Gdańsk journalist, and the co-founder of the Inspiring Examples Foundation.


Through our cooperation with the Foundation, we are committed to helping young people who are facing a career choice. We are certain that such visitations bring young people closer to business, show them a wide range of possibilities and thus help them find their life path and dream job in the future, says Marta Kaczorowska, Marketing and Communication Expert at DCT Gdansk.


DCT regularly hosts students in the terminal – our experts conduct theoretical classes, talk about the details of our work, and show how DCT operates ‘in real life’.


Our company has been cooperating with the Foundation for several years now. As part of this year’s edition, we are preparing videos presenting the different workplaces available in our company. These aim to show young people what choices our employees faced before taking up their jobs, what their daily tasks look like, and what predispositions are required for each position. The Foundation will place the videos on the educational platform All secondary schools in the Pomeranian Voivodeship and secondary schools from all over Poland participating in the “Talents by the Sea” scholarship program will have access.


As part of the cooperation, a study visit to DCT by a group of students and four visits by DCT employees to the Conradinum Shipbuilding and Technical Schools in Gdansk took place last year.


DCT also participated in projects carried out by the Foundation, such as creating a model of relations between technicians and companies in the upcoming economic changes referred to as Industry 4.0. Seventy-six students of mechatronic profile classes from Conradinum Schools participated in the project. Eighteen qualified for internships at six Pomeranian companies, including DCT Gdansk. Three students were offered summer jobs at DCT after completing their internships. Scholarships for promising apprentices are also planned.


The program consisted of three stages. In the first stage, company representatives conducted workshops for the students; educating them about the company and the challenges faced by the labor market, as well as presenting development opportunities and indicating career-building paths. The next stage was study visits, during which the students visited the companies to learn about their internal rules and processes. They also participated in practical exercises which determined whether students would get to the final interview stage. The recruitment interview took place under the same conditions as a job interview.


– Nine students completed their internships at the DCT, and after a careful observation, three were offered summer jobs. During the implementation of the internship, the students worked under the watchful eye of our professionals. A mentor was assigned to each apprentice to train the young mechatronics engineers. The apprentices were treated on an equal footing with the employees, and there was no concessionary fare, so we got to know the candidates’ skills better. After a few weeks of working together, we could see who wanted to develop further. We plan to prepare scholarships for promising apprentices to create conditions for young people to broaden their competencies, and in the future, offer them jobs after they graduate,’ says Przemysław Kruszewski, HR Business Partner DCT.