DCT’s corporate social responsibility during COVID-19

At DCT, we know how important it is at this time to support and help others in our community in the fight against COVID-19, especially senior citizens and our heroes in the medical industry. As part of our social responsibility action called #logististicsheros for #medicalheros, we financially supported the Polish Red Cross to purchase medical equipment for hospitals. The funds were allocated for the purchase of a respirator with PEEP function necessary for coronavirus, cardiomonitor, laser thermometers and ozonizer to disinfect the uniforms of our rescuers assisting in quarantine. We also donated funds for the purchase of equipment to the University Centre of Marine and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia.

Additionally, we have joined the “A Meal for a medic” campaign of the Foundation for Social Innovation, as well as the “A Meal for Effort” program of the Gdańsk Foundation for Economic Development, in which we will support people from the neighborhood most vulnerable in connection with the current pandemic, at the same time helping catering bars to survive.