"Extinguish Risk" seminar and 25th anniversary of Studio Buffo concert

15 april 2018

Safety is a very important aspect of everyday work at the terminal, and fire protection is its important element, not only at the workplace, but also at home. We want to build awareness among employees, that is why for several years we have been cooperating with the Fire Brigade on the project “Extinguish Risk” – this is a seminar that addresses the issues of fire at home in Poland.

After the seminar, as every year, there was a concert – this time it was the 25th anniversary of Studio Buffo. As part of our cooperation with the Fire Brigade, DCT employees had the opportunity to combine something useful and instructive with something entertaining. After training in the field of fire protection, they could listen to the hits of the “Buffo” studio in Ergo Arena on April 14, 2018.