The unusual edition of Relay of Hope 2020

This year the 11th edition of the charity action “Relay of Hope” took place, only this time due to the prevailing pandemic it took an unusual form – the participants of the action ran or cycled kilometres “online” from home logging into the application.

18,378 kilometres in 24 hours. The 11th edition of the Relay of Hope ended with such a result. It has been a record so far.

The idea of the Relay of Hope is to collect as many kilometres as possible within 24 hours, for which DCT Gdansk is donating funds to the Pomeranian Hospice for Children. Every kilometer run or cycled is a 1 zloty for the Hospice.

– It is a noble action, that is why we have been supporting it for six years now – emphasizes Katarzyna Frankiewicz – This project is close to our heart. For 24 hours everyone is united for the noble purpose – to help sick children who are under the care of the Pomeranian Hospice for Children. DCT employees are also willing to take part in it. Our employees simply love to help.

– Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the competition has moved from the “Baltic Gallery” Shopping Centre to the Internet. Thanks to that, runners from all over the world joined the action. When our colleagues from the PSA group found out about the action, they immediately became very interested in the project. PSA employees from Singapore, Buenos Aires, Mumbai or Antwerp took part in the relay – adds Marcin Kamola.

Pomeranian Hospice for Children has 48 small patients in the whole province under its care. To reach them, doctors and nurses cover over 30 thousand kilometers a month. In times of pandemic they had to face additional challenges. We are glad that we could help.