In order to further improve the process of receiving replies to inquiries, from 21 December 2020 DCT Gdańsk introduces a new functionality for clients, called eOFFER, which is available here:

What is eOFFER?

It is a tool for automatic handling and quotation in reply to basic inquiries relating to storage services in DCT Gdańsk.

What quotes may be made with the use of eOFFER?

eOFFER is designed to handle basic inquiries that relate to standard loads, single containers or up to 3 containers. The tool will allow, in a quick and easy way, to quote for most storage services we provide, such as stuffing and stripping.

How to use eOFFER?

In order to use the eOFFER tool, you must have an access (granted to freight forwarders) to the NAVIS terminal operating system and use an NK number.
Currently system works only in Polish language.

My inquiry does not match eOFERTA. What to do?

For non-standard inquiries and larger projects, please contact our reliable Sales Team directly at

Where can I find the user manual?

The user manual of the eOFFER tool is available on DCT’s website.

I think I know everything, but..

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact the Customer Service Office at, phone number: +48 58 737 63 18. Here you will get help and advice.