DCT Gdansk boosts Port of Gdansk to top spot in Poland

4-th October 2010

DCT Gdansk’s constant growth in 2010 reached a new record in September with 47,153 TEU, which exceeded the aggregate volume of terminals in Gdynia.
As a result, from September 2010, the Port of Gdansk became the largest Polish container port by exceeding the Port of Gdynia’s throughput by nearly 10,000 TEU.
DCT Gdansk also holds the top spot in terms of Polish import/export volumes and as a result Gdansk has also overtaken Gdynia as the main gateway for Polish cargo.
Boris Wenzel, DCT Gdansk’s CEO commented:
“A new chapter in the history of Polish ports is being written as Gdansk has now overtaken Gdynia as the top container port in Poland thanks to DCT Gdansk.
There could be no better reward for DCT Gdansk which will celebrate its 3rd birthday this month. This clearly demonstrates the market advantages this terminal can provide to Shipping Lines that choose to deploy their services to take advantage of its unique location and facilities.”
Since January 2010, DCT Gdansk revolutionized the Baltic Sea market by becoming the first hub port handling transshipment volumes to Russia and Finland in addition to Polish import and export volumes.
As the only transshipment hub East of Denmark, DCT Gdansk’s importance to importers and exporters trading with the Baltic Sea region is growing dynamically.
DCT Gdansk expects to achieve its handling volume target of 450,000 TEU in 2010, representing a 177% growth over its 2009 volume.