Deregulation of Polish ports – „Ports Package”

28-th August 2014

Thanks to “Ports package” law, container clearance in Polish ports takes now approximately 24 hours, comparable with North European ports. DCT Gdansk terminal had a significant influence in adapting new clearance regulations, which bring Polish container industry to the level of other EU countries. New regulations came into force in June 2014.  

The new law makes it possible to apply effective solutions in processing foreign trade transactions including passage of goods through Polish seaports – shortening time goods are held in ports and reducing the risk of cargo stoppage.  

Moreover, new regulations extend the deadline for settlement of VAT on imports. This measure will contribute to increasing the financial liquidity of importers. It is significant especially for importers of high value goods, mostly imported to Central-Eastern European countries from the Far East and US.

Removing the bureaucratic barriers and improving quality of road and rail access infrastructure contributes strongly to the competitiveness of Polish ports. While the infrastructure is being successively modernized, there were no changes in foreign trade documentation processing regulations since the 90s. “Ports package” implementation process shows the government’s interest in development of maritime sector, with container transport as its strategically important branch.