Information for DCT ‘s customers

6-th October 2015

Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you about a few challenges which has recently occurred in DCT Gdansk. The most important as well as the most visible to our clients is the intensified land traffic during peak hours, which in effect causes difficulties in handling truck and rail gates.

This situation has been taken seriously by DCT. Actions, which has already been implemented, include:

  • introduction of an automatic truck flow control – the traffic lights at the gates, which facilitates the entry into the terminal;
  • introducing changes in traffic organization and managing the traffic during peak hours in order to reduce congestion at the parking area of DCT;
  • changing the organization of traffic on Kontenerowa street behind the railway crossing towards DCT through the introduction of horizontal signs;
  • introduction of a storage yard dedicated for containers destined for the rail – when they are still on the ship we define the containers leaving DCT by rail and prepare them on the separate yard so that they require as few moves as possible before placing them on the wagon, which significantly saves the loading time of the train.

For a couple of months DCT has been also conducting an intensive recruitment process in order to increase the level of employment. The new employees are continuously being trained. The terminal is negotiating the terms of cooperation with employment agencies, which in critical moments will be able to support the work of DCT. To improve the traffic capacity, new parking regulations at DCT are being developed, which will come into force in October 2015.

Apart from short-term activities, since the beginning of this year DCT has been preparing truck appointment system, which aims to introduce time slots for drivers and at the same time to spread the traffic evenly during the day. The start of the pilot system is planned for the 4Q2015. Additionally, in 2016 DCT will implement: gate automation based on OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) and functionalities of NAVIS operating system (Prime Route and Expert Decking).

All the above actions are intensively implemented and have a direct effect on improvement of the land traffic handling with equal focus on the gates and the rail. First results will be visible within 4-6 weeks.

DCT Gdansk would like to apologize for the inconveniences and ensure that our team makes every effort to minimize the influence of the described situation on your business.

At the same time we would like to kindly ask you to make sure that containers, which you would like to pick up, are ready to go. We also remind that DCT parking area is not long-term, and that is why we request you to inform your drivers about using our parking lot only to deal with formalities at Pre-gate. It will significantly improve the traffic capacity at the parking area of DCT. We would also like to ask customers, whose containers are going to leave DCT by rail, to contact the Rail Department as soon as possible so that we can prepare in advance the group of containers to be loaded, which will significantly reduce the loading time of the train.

DCT Gdansk Team