Largest containerships at DCT Gdansk

15-th March 2011


As per the latest sailing schedule update on Maersk Line website  the largest container vessels in the world will be deployed on the AE10 service that connects Asia and the Baltic through DCT Gdansk.
Upgrades on AE10 string will become effective in May. The first vessel call under the new schedule will be Maersk Elba with a capacity of 13,092 TEU and is expected to reach DCT Gdansk on May 11th. Following calls will be served by: Maersk Eubank (13,092 TEU), Eleonora Maersk (15,550 TEU), Edith Maersk, Maersk Edmonton, Ebba Maersk, Elly Maersk, Emma Maersk, Eugen Maersk, Maersk Ervin, Maersk Effingham, Evelyn Maersk, Maersk Eubank, Estelle Maersk – all of them having capacities between 13,000 and 16,000 TEU.