Announcement for customers

25-th January 2019

Dear Customers,

with reference to the previous announcement from January 21st, 2019, we would like to inform you that the utilization of DCT’s terminal yard is reaching a level close to its maximum capacity. This is due to changes in shipping schedules, add-hoc calls and an earlier than normal import peak associated with Chinese New Year. This is in combination with the effects of bad weather and storms from earlier in January. Whilst we are making every effort to ensure that the situation returns to normal, we estimate that the difficulties may last for a further 2 weeks. This situation is affecting the road as well as the operation of the railway terminal, which has resulted in delays to the servicing of trains.

In view of the above, DCT will change the working hours of the gate complex to operate on a 24/7 basis and will also make import containers available immediately after discharge for the next two weeks. The first vessel, from which import containers will be available immediately after discharge, is the 2M alliance service vessel MADRID MAERSK, which is due to start discharge operations in the evening of January 26th.

We will remain in constant contact with shipping lines, intermodal operators and trucking companies to minimize the impact of the existing situation on road and rail operations and will provide further updates regarding developments of the operational situation of the terminal.

Yours faithfully,

DCT Gdansk