T3 status – February 2023

T3 works status – 13.02.2023

In January, we completed the installation of the sheet piles of the north return wall and the closing quay. We also proceeded with the installation of wailing beams and the stabilization of the sheet pile wall by installing flap anchors, which will allow to backfill with dredged material the northern part of the terminal and the opening of further work fronts, related to reinforced concrete works.

In mid-January, we also mobilized a third TSHD Uilenspiegel dredger, which has three times more capacity of the other two that were previously mobilized.

In parallel, three dredgers are working on site carrying out dredging work in the area of the future T3 terminal basin and reclamation work of T3 terminal. Actual advancement of the reclamation works reaches about 20 % of total value. The dredging area is divided into two sectors, the northern and southern sectors, which the contractor is reclaiming by dredge material. In the southern sector the level of the reclamation is above sea level, which can be seen from the beach.

The design area of the platform T3 is more than 36 hectares, and will require more than 4.5 M  cubic meters of material be used. This is how much the Polish territory will be enlarged.

In the coming days, we will start installation of structural elements of the main quay, which is made of tubular piles with a diameter of 1.42 meters and a length between 35 – 40 meters, and the spaces between the piles will be filled with a sheet piles wilt length of 24 meters each.