Changes in operations department

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to inform that on June 1, we have implemented changes in the organizational structure of our company, which are aimed at strengthening the teams operating in the Baltic
Hub and adapting even better to the needs of the market.

The first important change is the retirement of Malcolm Gregory, Chief Commercial Officer of Baltic Hub. Malcolm has been supervising the transformation of the Baltic Hub’s Commercial Department since early 2022, and will support the new Commercial Director as Senior Advisor until the end of 2023.

Jacek Grabowski, was appointed as the new Commercial Director. Jacek has been with Baltic Hub since 2009, most recently as the Operations Director, has extensive industry knowledge, and management experience, having led a team that consistently delivers one of the best operational results among terminals in Europe every year.

The position of Operations Director, replacing Jacek Grabowski, was taken over by Ryszard Fortuna, formerly Operations Manager (Resources and Planning). Ryszard is a long-time
employee of the company with 15 years of extensive operational management experience in various roles within the operations team.

The changes also include management positions in the Operations Department with Piotr Kochanowski moving to the position of Operations Manager (Resources & Planning), replacing Ryszard Fortuna. Tomasz Kowalski moving to the position of Planning Manager, replacing Piotr Kochanowski, and Kamil Zarzycki filling the newly created position of Deputy Operations Manager. He will support Operations Managers Piotr Kociszewski and Piotr Kochanowski in operational processes.

The changes to the organizational structure are in response to the dynamically changing needs of our terminal and the desire to provide our customers with the highest quality of service while maintaining the highest standards.

With kind regards,
Baltic Hub Container Terminal Sp. z o.o.