Customer information

Dear Customers,

No doubt you are all aware of the congestion in ports affecting many locations around the world since 2020.  At DCT Gdansk, we have been extremely fortunate that the delayed arrival of vessels that results from such congestion in other places has not impacted our operations and disrupted cargo flows for you.  However, you may have observed that since the beginning of January 2022, vessels have begun arriving several days off schedule and we have also experienced the acerbating effect on operations caused by high winds and snow and ice, which slow down or stop operations for safety reasons.

We are doing all that we can to continue operations smoothly and consistently, even with the new wave of COVID-19 in our region.  However, some delays are being experienced as a result of the combination of these aforementioned factors, and we know that this complicates the work for those who use our services and we understand your interest to have precise information about your containers and cargo.

The weather and epidemic situation will not improve in the coming days, so we can most likely expect more operational interruptions and supply chain difficulties.

Please follow the operational reports that we publish on our website –

Thank you for your understanding! We are at your disposal!

DCT Gdansk