DCT Gdańsk is the laureate of the TSL Award of the Rzeczpospolita daily

DCT Gdańsk received the prestigious TSL Award from the Rzeczpospolita daily. DCT was awarded for the innovative OCR project, consisting in the implementation of fully automated gates that use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) cameras to register trucks and containers arriving at DCT Gdańsk.


On August 26, during the 3rd Meeting of TSL Industry Leaders, the editors of “Rzeczpospolita” for the third time awarded prizes for the best companies in the TFL industry. It is awarded in four categories: innovation in logistics, man of the year, ecological solutions and infrastructure, best financial results – the award is given to enterprises with the highest revenue dynamics.


DCT Gdańsk in the “Innovations in logistics” category was ahead of companies such as DB Cargo, Integer Group or Raben Group. The jury appreciated the impact of the OCR system on the safety of the entire plant


– The introduction of this system is of fundamental importance as it allowed us to significantly improve the safety of our employees by eliminating the need for their direct contact with vehicles. Thanks to OCR, we improved the capabilities of our employees in handling transport vehicles and increased the efficiency of the entire system. Thanks to this, our entrance gates can now operate around the clock. – said Karol Moszyk, Business Transformation Manager at DCT Gdańsk, responsible for the implementation of the system.


The awarded system not only improved the safety of drivers and DCT employees, but also increased the efficiency of servicing the DCT gate complex and reduced the time spent by drivers at the entry gates (from 12 minutes to 1 minute).