DCT Gdansk is the winner of the TSL Award of ‘Rzeczpospolita’ daily newspaper

The prestigious TSL Award granted by the “Rzeczpospolita” daily for the achievements of leading companies in the logistics industry is again in the hands of DCT Gdansk!

This time DCT was awarded in the category ‘Development of logistics infrastructure’ for the thorough expansion of the railway terminal. The investment lasted 3 years – from 2018 to 2021, and included increasing the length of the tracks from 618 to 750 metres and the railway siding from 4 to 7 tracks. In addition, the company purchased fully electrified RMG-type rail cranes and launched the OCR camera system for recording trains and containers. As a result, DCT Gdańsk has increased its rail handling capacity to as much as 750,000 TEUs, doubling the existing track capacity. The rail terminal at DCT Gdansk is today the largest intermodal terminal in Poland and one of the tenth largest port rail terminals in Europe, handling more than 5.5 thousand trains per year.


In its category, DCT overtook such companies as: 3 LP, Panattoni or Raben Group.


This was the next stage of our expansion. Today we are able to offer our customers – let’s call it – a product that is reliable, cost-effective and, perhaps most importantly today, environmentally friendly. The expanded infrastructure will allow our customers to access even more efficient rail services. In addition, customers will be able to generate significant cost savings compared to other ports in Southern or Western Europe by using the shorter rail route between DCT Gdansk and Central European countries. The terminal operator will also work with the industry to further develop intermodal services to and from countries and regions adjacent to Poland that do not have access to the sea, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Western Ukraine or Belarus, said Andrzej Janisz, Senior Project Manager at DCT Gdansk, who accepted the award.


The TSL Award is given in four categories: “Innovation in Logistics”, “Man of the Year”, “Environmental Solutions” and “Logistics Infrastructure Development”. A separate award is given to companies with the best financial performance – the award is given to companies with the highest revenue dynamics.


Last year, DCT Gdansk was distinguished in the ‘Innovation in Logistics’ category for its innovative OCR project involving the implementation of fully automated gates that use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) cameras to register trucks and containers arriving at DCT Gdansk. The award-winning system has improved the safety of drivers and DCT employees, increased the efficiency of DCT’s gate complex service and reduced the time spent by drivers at the entry gates (from 12 minutes to 1 minute).