First regular rail service connecting China and Gdansk

We are pleased to announce that on November 21 DCT Gdansk held the inauguration event of the first Euro-China train, which will regularly arrive from Xi’an in China, via the Adampol Małaszewicze land terminal to DCT Gdansk container terminal.

This new regular intermodal Euro-China train connection is the result of cooperation of the Port Authority of Gdansk, DCT Gdansk container terminal and Adampol, which is the operator and administrator of this route.

The train’s travel time from China to Gdansk took 12 days, and it is possible to shorten the transit further to 10 days. Another train from China is planned for December, and regular weekly transports on this route will commence from January 2020.

“Since 2010 DCT Gdansk has been handling direct ocean calls from Asia enabling Poland to be connected to the world’s largest shipping trade-lane; between Europe and Asia. It ensures that Polish goods can trade with Asia more efficiently. Today, we witness the launch of a regular rail connection between China and Gdansk and we are delighted to be the part of that service. This brings added value for the port with an extended range of possibilities for our clients. This is proof that sea and land transport can develop and coexist harmoniously, strengthening the position of the Port of Gdansk and DCT Terminal as the Northern Gate for the fastest growing region in Europe“ – comments Cameron Thorpe, CEO of DCT Gdansk.

“Adampol has already had many years of experience in handling trains from China at its terminal on the Polish-Belarusian border. Every day, 19 trains coming from all major Chinese land terminals pass through Małaszewicze. The connection between Adampol Małaszewicze land terminal and DCT Gdańsk terminal opens up new possibilities of transport routes which will be competitive to the existing ones, e.g. those leading from China via Hamburg and Duisburg to United Kingdom or Scandinavia can be replaced and as a result accelerated up to 5 days. Alternative transport routes, which this new train connection creates, will further strengthen the position of the port of Gdansk in Europe. “- adds Elena Łukanowa, CEO of Adampol S.A.


“The new rail connection from China directly to the Port of Gdansk is an alternative to Western European ports, which significantly reduces the time of container delivery to Scandinavia and Great Britain. We see this as a chance to use our highly developed connection network and infrastructure” – says Łukasz Greinke, President of the Management Board of the Port of Gdansk Authority SA – “Thanks to this solution, we are able to accelerate the transport of goods from China by up to 5 days. It also involves fewer operations on the container, which directly results in lower costs. From now on, the Port of Gdansk can offer a faster, cheaper and competitive service comparing to currently functioning solutions.”



Interesting facts:

The service on route Xi’an – Małaszewicze is called Euro China Train / transit time 9-10 days

The service on route Małaszewicze – Gdansk – Baltic Train / transit time 1-2 days




About DCT Gdansk – the Northern Port of Call for the Fastest Growing Region in Europe:

DCT Gdansk container terminal enables Poland to be connected to the world’s largest shipping trade-lane; between Europe and Asia. A vital piece of investment ensuring that Polish goods can trade with Asia more efficiently, reducing cost, providing more competitive delivery times and a lower carbon footprint per container than alternative ports.

DCT does not just serve Poland but is also one of the most efficient ways to serve the Baltic Sea market via transshipment and is also the most cost competitive way to serve the hinterland markets of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus and Western Ukraine.

In 2018 DCT Gdansk handled over 1.9m TEU (20-foot equivalent unit), with direct calls by the largest ships afloat. DCT Gdansk is the only terminal in the Baltic Sea capable of handling ships of this size. DCT Gdansk will exceed 2.0m TEU in 2019.

With a track-record of continuous development and expenditure in terminal infrastructure and modern handling equipment, DCT Gdansk is also actively involved in environmental and local community initiatives, recognizing the role of terminals in sustainable socio-economic development.

DCT is a member of the PSA Group with shareholding by the Polish Government investment arm PFR and Australian investment fund IFM.

About Adampol SA:

Adampol has been active in the international and domestic transport of passenger cars, vans and semi-trucks for over twenty years. The company has at its disposal several thousand car transporters and several hundred specialized wagons.

Having its own repair shops, trans-shipment terminals and staff experienced in goods-handling allow Adampol to completely fulfil all transport services.

The quality systems, which are based on the highest European standards, ensure efficient management and also enable the possibility of proposing the best solutions that meet the needs and expectations of the customers.

To be able to track the position of vehicles, Adampol monitors transported vehicles by VIN codes. All of the company’s car transporters are equipped with mobile phones and GPS satellite-tracking systems. This ensures security and top quality service.

The Chinese Group is a dedicated work and design team consisting of people from various departments of ADAMPOL S.A. Their main tasks are the development of the company’s competence and capabilities in creating logistic solutions and road, rail and sea forwarding in the Far East market environment and the use of the One Belt One Road initiative. All implemented logistic projects and products are created under the brand and marked with the ECT logo, which has recently gained recognition.

About Port Authority of Gdansk:

The Port of Gdansk Authority SA is a sole entity managing the port in Gdansk – the Port of primary importance to the national economy. This confirms the strong position of the Port and the continuation of stable and coherent government policy towards the major ports in Poland. The remit of the Port of Gdansk Authority SA includes: management of properties and port infrastructure, forecasting, planning and programming of port development; construction, development, maintenance and upgrading of port infrastructure; acquisition of properties for port development needs; rendering of services connected with the use of port infrastructure, in particular ensuring: fire protection from the water side for the facilities and areas in its administration, fire protection from the water side for ships and other floating vessels in the port waters or in the port’s roadstead or anchorage, assurance of access to port reception facilities for wastes from vessels with the purpose of their recycling or neutralization.