Information for Customers – COVID-19 update

Dear Customers,

We would like to assure you that terminal operations at DCT are on-going to the best of our ability, whilst taking into account all necessary precautions for the safety and health of our employees and customers.

With this is mind, we would like to provide the following information which takes effect from the 17th of March until further notice:


  1. All visits of guests to DCT Gdansk are suspended until further notice. Any visitor wishing to enter DCT Gdansk main building will be required to undertake a mandatory body tempera-ture measurement.
  2. Our Customer Service Office will switch to remote operating mode, but the phone number (+48) 58 737 6318 and e-mail address are still at your dis-posal.
  3. Direct person-to-person contact at our PreGate has been suspended, all drivers requiring service should use the telephone or e-mail contacts. All issues related to vehicle bookings should be conducted directly in e.BRAMA system. If possible, please minimize the number of calls to the e.BRAMA Call Center so that the line is available for those drivers who really need remote support.
  4. Registration of new drivers in the e.BRAMA system will take place only remotely until further notice (detailed instructions are available by e-mail at


We would also like to remind you that March/April has the potential for yard congestion due to increased operational movement during this time, but with reduced sailings. We therefore kindly ask you to limit the number of empty containers drop-offs during this period.


Export containers delivery at the terminal should not take place earlier than 8 days before the planned arrival of the vessel (according to DCT Gdansk Business Terms). We kindly request all import containers to be picked up immediately after discharge from the vessel.


We will continue to make every effort to ensure that the services performed for you are at strongest level and we would like to thank you for all you support. We will keep you informed about any future changes.



Yours faithfully,

DCT Gdansk