June 2023 – T3 Status of works

About the construction

The Baltic Hub container terminal continues to expand. Following the completion of a huge investment involving the construction of quay T3, the Baltic Hub will significantly increase its handling capacity. As part of the investment, a new deep-water quay will be built to handle ocean-going container vessels. A maneuvering and storage yard with an operational area of 36.5 ha will also be available.


Dredging works

The entire works, which are the responsibility of a consortium of Budimex and DEME, have been divided into phases. The first of these began in autumn last year.

Construction work began on 20 October last year. At the end of March 2023, substantial works in the harbour basin of the future T3 terminal were completed. In June, the remaining dredging works in the northern areas at the turning circle and the approach fairway were completed.

Backfilling of the north quay wall has been completed, and backfilling of the main quay wall is currently in progress (more than 50 % complete). Currently, the progress of the reclamation works reaches about 90 %.


Piling works

– Piling works on the north quay and the main quay have been fully completed. In September, pile-driving works for the south quay wall and prefabricated piles for the crane rear beam will start again,” says Dominik Wróblewski, Civil Engineering Projects Director.


Directional drilling

Directional drilling through the existing port infrastructure continues in order to connect the T3 terminal to the existing electricity infrastructure located at the existing terminals. This is a very important task in the overall project due to the fact that the future T3 terminal will only be equipped with lifting equipment such as port cranes and RMG cranes powered by electricity.


Soil consolidation and vibroflotation

Soil consolidation works are progressing by installing drains into the platform subsoil using piling rigs in a specially pre-engineered grid of drains at appropriate depths. In addition, work has started on soil compaction by vibroflotation behind the main quay wall. The contractor, is preparing to start reinforced concrete works and CFA pile driving in early autumn.