Results of the 2nd edition of the “Busole” grant competition

Baltic Hub has announced the results of the next edition of the “Busole” grant program. Out of 12 applications, 7 winners were selected to receive a total of 250,000 PLN for projects related to environmental protection, education, local history and prevention of exclusion of specific social groups.

Non-profit organizations, school and preschools, foundations and sports clubs, which are operating in neighborhoods adjacent to the Baltic Hub – Stogi, Przeróbka and Krakowiec-Górki Zachodnie – took part in the competition.


The competition’s jury, consisting of representatives of the Baltic Hub, the Port of Gdańsk and Gdańsk City Hall, awarded seven projects. Among the winners of the competition were:

– Academic Sports Association Górki Zachodnie organizing “Sports summer camps for 50 children and young people aged 5-12 from the districts of Przeróbka, Stogi, Krakowiec-Górki Zachodnie”

Awake Hope Foundation with the project “Fairy Tale World Neighborhood House”

Social Welfare Home “Ostoja” with the project “SENIOR STOGI, or SENIOR Independent Creative Open Hospitable Innovative”

Polish Ecological Club Pomeranian District with the project “Survival of Nature – the art of survival between industry and man”

School and Preschool Complex No. 3 with the project “Eco-workshop”

School and Preschool Complex No. 11 in Gdańsk with the project “Green Integration”

Fit Lady Studio organizing classes “Women have power – self-defense and dance”


All the applications we received were really interesting, so the choice was not easy. We focused on the projects that, in our opinion, involve the local community the most and respond best to its needs. We took into account factors such as the positive impact of the proposed activities on the lives of the residents – the ultimate beneficiaries of the project – as well as the innovation and originality of the ideassays Charles Baker, CEO of Baltic Hub.

Charles Baker stresses that nurturing relationships with residents and contributing to the development of the closest neighborhoods is very important to Baltic Hub, which is why the company is keen to support local initiatives and plans to continue activities for the benefit of residents.

One of the most important values for us as a company are good relations with the surrounding community. We want to be a good neighbor and support local initiatives, institutions and organizations. The “Busole” grant project allows us not only to facilitate the daily lives of residents significantly, but also to have a real impact on the development of our immediate surroundingsadds Charles Baker.

Baltic Hub, the largest container terminal in the Baltic Sea, the organizer of the “Busole” grant program, intends to continue its active participation in the local community, focusing on building a solid foundation for long-term cooperation.

The awarded projects will be implemented in the Przeróbka, Stogi, Krakowiec – Górki Zachodnie districts. They focus on children’s education, environmental protection, developmental activities, integration of residents and support for the elderly. Each project is unique and helps different social groups – from the youngest to adults and seniors. These are initiatives that bring positive changes to local communities, contributing to their growth and prosperity.