Status of T3 works – December 2022

Work on the construction of the new T3 terminal.

At the moment, dredging work is underway on the water construction site, in the area of the future T3 quay port basin. The work is being carried out with two suction and dredging machines, each capable of taking more than 5,000 cubic metres of dredged material from the bottom. Depending on its quality, the material is deposited in appropriately designated areas.

At the same time, kafar work is being carried out on a section of the north closing quay of terminal T3, simultaneously from 2 work pontoons.

The construction work itself involves dredging works of more than 4 million cubic metres, the construction of a 717 m long deep-water quay. The T3 terminal itself will have a surface area of 36.5 hectares, a depth of 17.5 m and will be semi-automatic, which is a novelty in Poland and a current trend in the world.