Sustainability report 2022

Baltic Hub has published its Sustainability Report for 2022, which summarizes the actions and investments made in line with Sustainable Development Goals. Worker safety, charitable activities and involvement in local initiatives, as well as the protection of the natural environment and its biodiversity, are the key pillars of the strategy implemented in this area by Baltic Hub.

Employee Safety

Baltic Hub currently employs over 1200 workers. The company prioritizes their health and safety. Therefore, it engages employees in various campaigns, events, and competitions, and takes care of their development and skill expansion. In 2022, Baltic Hub conducted 218 training topics, trained 841 employees, and held an average of 25 hours of training per employee. The company also introduced a program encouraging vaccinations against COVID-19. In September 2022, the Active Safety Day took place. It provided an opportunity for employees and their families to participate in safety-related activities and partake in a charitable 2.5 km run. The income from the run was donated to fund a medical trip to the USA for one of Baltic Hub’s employees.

The company also encourages employees to promote safe attitudes through the regular competition: Safe Employee of the Quarter. Employees who receive the Safe Employee of the Quarter title have the opportunity to designate a local charity to which Baltic Hub will allocate financial resources.

Supporting the Local Community

One of the most important values embodied in Baltic Hub’s everyday work is supporting the local community. Over the years, the company has been involved in local initiatives, supporting social initiatives important to the residents. In 2022, the flagship program dedicated to local communities was the 1st edition of the Busole Neighborhood Grant. The aim of the program was to identify and fund projects that best meet the needs of the residents of the surrounding districts. In total, seven initiatives related to environmental protection, education, local history, and countering the exclusion of certain social groups were awarded.

The Busole Neighborhood Grant was honored in the ESG Innovator competition organized by the Polish ESG Association and received the Pomeranian Griffin award in the “Social Responsibility Leader” category.

“Baltic Hub is a responsible and conscious organization working for sustainable development, caring for the well-being of the local community. In 2022, in our activities, we supported education, training and the broadly understood development of the surrounding districts, while also taking care of their recreational and environmental values,” says Charles Baker, General Director of Baltic Hub.

In 2022, Baltic Hub carried out many social actions. As part of the “My Baltic” project, the company participated in a beach cleaning on the Stogi beach in Gdańsk. Throughout the year, it conducted a safety campaign for truck drivers under the name #RESPECTEACHOTHER. Together with the Port of Gdansk, it organized a Summer Cinema on Stogi beach, where movies could be watched under the open sky. Baltic Hub also collaborated with the “Inspiring Examples” Foundation, which has been promoting entrepreneurship and ethical business activities among young people for years. For another year, the company got involved in the charity event “Relay of Hope”. It continually supports initiatives such as: Noble Package and The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. In response to the armed conflict in Ukraine, Baltic Hub engaged in financial and humanitarian support for the country and its residents.

Environmental Protection

Protection and respect for the natural environment are an integral part of the Baltic Hub’s business model. The company strives to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions and other air pollutants. In 2021, the process of replacing diesel-powered RTG cranes with electric cranes with LED lighting began. Thanks to this investment, it will be possible to avoid emitting about 2,500 tons of CO2 and save nearly a million liters of diesel fuel annually.

The next step is the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting in the storage yards. So far, this has been achieved in the buildings on the terminal premises. In 2022, Baltic Hub also purchased four electric vehicles. The plan is to expand the fleet with an additional seven in 2023. Since 2020, the company has been using energy from renewable sources.

Preserving Biodiversity

Baltic Hub’s priorities are maintaining biodiversity in the region and minimizing the impact on the natural environment. In 2021, the company declared Sustainable Development Goals, which it is now implementing. Baltic Hub closely overlooks its impact on nature and takes actions aimed at minimizing it. It carries out compensatory measures, which include fencing off nesting areas of protected bird species. It also collaborates with ornithologists and chiropterologists who verify the condition of the animals.

The 2022 Sustainable Development Report shows Baltic Hub’s commitment to achieving sustainable development and fulfilling goals related to corporate social responsibility. The company undertakes many actions aimed at minimizing the impact on the natural environment, supporting local social initiatives, and caring for the welfare of employees.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire Sustainability Report