Temporary changes in sumbitting full containers for export

Dear Customers!

DCT Gdansk is currently facing major delays to our scheduled ocean vessel calls, which may pose a risk of congestion at the terminal. Considering the situation with the suspension of navigation in the Suez Canal and on-going changes in the dates of arrival of ships, DCT Gdańsk decided to restore the principle of submitting full containers for export, being 8 days before vessels ETA for export containers for all ocean calls arriving at DCT Gdansk after 15th of APRIL 2021 until further notice.

This means that all export containers must be delivered to the terminal no earlier than 8 days before the ship’s ETA (Actual).

Please refer to your respective shipping line information  or update shared under following link Suez Canal blockage update [EN] – Terminal Kontenerowy DCT ( for latest information on ETA( Actual) of vessels calling DCT Gdansk.

Above decision is necessary to maintain high level of operational performance of DCT Gdansk in times of unprecedented volume peak and will be helpful in planning the handling of export containers. As soon as the situation is back to normal and all delayed vessels are served accordingly, we anticipate that the 8 day rule can be relaxed.

We would kindly count on your support and hope that the above decision allows DCT to remain fully operational and limit the effect of potential congestion.

We would also like to wish you a peaceful, family and, above all, healthy Easter.

Yours sincerely,

DCT Gdansk