Train of Dreams

DCT Gdansk terminal, together with other Pomeranian companies, supported the “Train of Dreams” project. The idea of the initiative is to organize a holiday trip for orphaned children.

Thirty charges of the Orphaned Children’s Fund, run by the Hospice Foundation, went on a dream holiday. Their trip was possible thanks to a joint action of “Dziennik Bałtycki” and the Hospice Foundation and support of Pomeranian companies.

In July 2020, thirty children aged from 7 to 14 years, who are under the care of Dutkiewicz Hospice in Gdańsk, Hospice in Gdynia, Hospice in Tczew, Pomeranian Hospice for Children and Hospice Pomerania for Children, went for summer holidays in Kashubia. The education and recreation camp took place in the Recreation Centre in Wielu, Karsin commune and lasted ten days. With backpacks full of memories, the participants returned to their homes.


Article about project in Polish: