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Business Ethics

Corporate social responsibility of DCT Gdańsk SA is also embodied in the ethical and responsible behaviour, not only towards employees, but also towards business partners. We make every effort to provide for honesty and transparency in business operations. We comply with legal provisions in force and settle all our liabilities. We respect the principles of competition and protection of trade secrets of all our clients/contracting parties.

We prevent discrimination and any other signs of inequality in our work place. Apart from the developed guidelines to be followed in the event of occurrence any sign of discrimination, we appointed the Man of Confidence, to whom each employee may turn to receive assistance and support.

DCT Gdańsk requires its business partners to comply with the defined principles corresponding to high ethical standards.

Such principles are described in the Code of Ethics for Partners of DCT Gdańsk S.A. and are also applied by DCT. By accepting these provisions, the partner undertakes to:

  • Respect human rights on the level stemming from the international standards
  • Comply with generally applicable legal provisions
  • Apply forms of employment available in Poland and regulated by legal provisions
  • Prevent discrimination
  • Respect goods and resources
  • Protect the natural environment
  • Provide for fair sale and marketing
  • Protect classified information and trade secrets
  • Communicate the actions not covered by the confidentiality obligation in a transparent and open manner


DCT Gdańsk maintains a permanent dialogue with the Trade Union Organisation. In order to care about the Employees and to provide for the further development of the Company, fruitful negotiations have led to signing the Collective Agreement. It is the first document of this type signed in container terminals in Poland. We believe that it will permanently set high standards of the cooperation of the employer and the employees in the broadly-understood maritime industry.