Rail traffic restrictions from 14th to 24th September 2017

5-th September 2017

Dear Customers!

DCT Gdańsk S.A informs that from 12:00 on September 14th to 24:00 on September 24th, traffic restrictions will be introduced at DCT Gdansk railway siding. This is due to the necessity to exclude track no. 901 and 904 of the railway siding from container handling and shorten the maximum length of trains on tracks 902 and 903 to 500 meters (without railway engine) within that period.

Therefore, DCT Gdańsk S.A. would like to request intermodal operators to make appropriate corrections in handling trains to minimize the effects of the above restrictions, in consultation with railway carriers and DCT Gdansk railway coordination office.

DCT Gdansk will make every effort to minimize these restrictions. For this purpose, road gates will be opened at weekends, on 16-17 September and 23-24 September.

Kind regards,

DCT Gdansk team