T2b investment works in progress

2-nd October 2018

T2b investment works are in full swing. As a part of yard extension and construction of the new access road to DCT, the following works have been completed: removing the first layer of soil, reinforcing the soil foundation and the embankment of the new road called “Nowa Kontenerowa”. Currently works on the implementation of sanitary and electric networks are in progress.

The part of the existing infrastructure of the truck car park near the Gate Complex have been rearranged. The infrastructure is being prepared for the OCR system which will be also implemented as a part of T2b project.

The next stage of works will be the construction of the pavement structure on Nowa Kontenerowa Street.

In the near future, the agreement will be signed with the General Contractor for construction works regarding the extension of DCT railway siding. The completion of the works is planned for III Q 2019.