02/EU/2017/IMV – Purchase and delivery of 6 IMV terminal tractors


Provisions of the following documents shall apply to the tender

  1. Notice of tender
  2. Terms of Tender
  3. Supplier statement
  4. Contract draft

DCT Gdańsk S.A. informs that all information and updates regarding the tender documentation and relevant proceedings shall be published at DCT Gdansk S.A.’s website following this notice.

Update No 1 (09/06/2017)

Please be kindly informed that the deadline for placing questions for tender documentation is now extended till wednessday June the 14th. Deadline for offers sumbission is now extended till Monday, June the 3th, 01:00 PM


Please find below updated documents:

Updated (1) Tender terms and conditions


Update No 2 (14/06/2017)

In response to questions received for contract and technical specifications some of tender documentation has been changed.

Please find below updated documents:

  1. Updated Terms and Conditions – track changes mode
  2. Updated Terms and Conditions – final version
  3. Contarct draft – track changes mode
  4. Contarct draft – final version
  5. Legal Questions & Answers
  6. Technical Qestion & Answers

Update No 3 (23/06/2017)

Please find below updated documents:

  1. Technical Qestion & Answers

Update No 4 (05/09/2017)

Please be kindly informed the tender No 02/EU/2017/IMV is foud to be invalid.

New procedure will be renewed with the fastest possible time.