Green tender

In connection with the construction of the second berth (T2) DCT purchased 5 modern sea-to-shore cranes (STS). The purchase was preceded with the announcement of the tender procedure, informally referred to as the ‘green’ tender procedure, because one of the tender selection criteria was the weight of the fully assembled crane- the lighter the structure, the more eco-friendly it is. Lighter solutions were favoured. It stems, to a certain extent, from the specificity of the berth and the intention to limit the consumption of both fuel and energy at the terminal. As we know, the heavier the handling equipment, the more energy is needed to move it. Before announcing the tender procedure DCT Gdańsk estimated the differences in the consumption of energy depending on the crane weight, which allowed to introduce an additional correction factor to one of the formulas, used for the evaluation of the attractiveness of the tenders submitted as part of the procedure.