Operational situation

8-th February 2018

Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you that in the recent days the occupancy of the yards in DCT Gdansk container terminal has exceeded the level of 80 per cent of its storage capacity. It is directly caused by:

  1. very large number of empty containers being directed to DCT instead of inland depots and not yet evacuated to Far East. In the recent 5 weeks, the number of empty containers has tripled reaching unprecedented in terminal’s history number of almost 15 thousand TEU on site;
  2. peak season in imports due to the upcoming Chinese New Year;
  3. the recurring delays of part of the oceanic vessels.

 These factors, in combination with worsening winter conditions, cause delays observed at this stage mainly in railway operations, which DCT’s operational team is trying to minimize by involving additional equipment and human resources.

 DCT is in direct contact with the shipping lines as to let the number of empty stock become smaller which should give the positive effect on terminal’s productivity. Until that happens, terminal might experience difficulties in the process of yard and rail operations.

 We assure you that we make every effort to minimalize the effects of this situation. Also regular, weekly reports (starting week 7) will be published on DCT website to make you, our customers are fully aware of current operational situation.

 DCT Gdansk SA