03/EU/T2/CESTS – Fulfilment of the function of the Contract Engineer for the investment „01/EU/T2/STS – Purchase and delivery of five ship to shore quay container gantry cranes”

14 sierpnia 2014

Provisions of the following documents shall apply to the tender:

1. Notice of Tender

2. Terms of Tender

3. CE STS Draft Contract

4. STS Draft Contract

5. CE STS Scope of work

DCT Gdańsk S.A. informs that all information and updates regarding the tender documentation and relevant proceedings shall be published at DCT Gdansk S.A.’s website following this notice.

Note: Tender is conducted in English.


—Update No. 1 (21/08/2014)—

DCT Gdańsk S.A. hereby informs that in accordance with point 11 of the Terms of Tender the CE STS Scope of Work has been amended. Please refer to the version published below:

CE STS Scope of work

— Update No. 2 ( 29/08/2014) —

  1. Questions and Answers

— Update No. 3 (03/09/2014) —

In accordance to point 6.13 of the Terms of Tender DCT Gdańsk S.A. hereby sets new bid’s submission date:

The bids’ submission date expires on 12 September 2014, at 1.00 p.m.

— Update No. 4 (30/09/2014) —

According to some formal errors found in the Employer’s documentation the Tender Committee decided to invalidate the tender procedure No. 03/EU/T2/CESTS. New tender will be announced  as soon as possible.