Unusual project “Direction – Backyard 61” is completed!

A mud kitchen and an obstacle track – these are the attractions waiting for children at Primary School No. 61 in Gdańsk district of Przeróbka. Expansion and rearrangement of the school playground into a highly original space for children took place within the framework of the ‘Busole 2021’ grant competition organised by DCT Gdańsk.

The project “Direction – Backyard 61” involved developing a creative space for children to play and learn. The work resulted in the creation of a natural playground, rich in innovative solutions and incorporating nature as the axis of the project. Pupils can now discover that nature inspires, as the space allows them to develop their imagination, creativity, motor coordination and social skills. However, the project is not just for the school community, but also for the local community, as it is intended to bring people together and encourage meetings and relationships. It perfectly fits in line with the ‘Busole’ competition, which supports educational, environmental and social-exclusion-preventing activities.


The courtyard at Primary School No. 61 has been changing its character for a long time – first, a children’s playground was created here as part of the government’s ‘Joyful School’ programme, and in 2021, with the help of the Gdansk City Council, GratoSfera, a creative and free play zone, was created here. DCT Gdansk, which has been supporting the school for years, had also already made its strong contribution to the development of this space – the company helped to build natural tunnels and willow shelters.


As part of ‘Busole’, in turn, a mud kitchen built from wooden elements was created, which is a place where children can play pretend cooking with mud, leaves, twigs or chestnuts. They have access to cooking equipment such as pots, pans, spoons and fresh water. The mud kitchen is intended to be a place that pupils and students will look after, so that the children take responsibility for the space in which they learn and rest.  In addition to the kitchen, an obstacle track was created as part of the ‘Busole’.


Free play is fundamental for the development of every child. It is the joy of exploring one’s own paths, finding non-standard solutions, cooperating and building self-confidence. That’s why the opening of Backyard 61 is an important event in my calendar. The Mud Kitchen, the Gratosfera, and in the future hopefully the Green Classroom will give children natural conditions for development,” said Monika Chabior, deputy mayor of Gdańsk for social development and equal treatment, who attended the opening of the next stage of the Backyard.

According to Dominika Million, Director for Sustainable Development at DCT Gdańsk, such investments are all the more pleasing as they primarily concern children.

We are proud that our company contributes to investing in the youngest – in their creativity and development of additional skills. The backyard is developing all the time, and we hope that more attractions will soon appear here, says Dominika Million.