DCT Gdansk – creating value for Czech and Slovak customers

Over the last few years DCT Gdansk container terminal has built a steadily growing position in the Czech and Slovak markets, every year we link tens of thousands of containers with goods routed to or from these countries with global markets through our terminal. That would not be possible without the direct train services to the Czech Republic that started running in 2017. To serve our customers in these countries, DCT Gdansk will now have a permanent representative located in Prague who will work closely with our customers in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We are pleased to announce that Adéla Kurečková has joined DCT Gdansk as the Business Development Manager for Czech Republic and Slovakia. With a career spanning the shipping, freight forwarding and customs clearance industries, Adéla brings a thorough knowledge on the Czech and Slovak markets and will further assist the logistics industry and BCO customers in these key markets to utilize the cost-effective opportunities that moving goods via DCT Gdansk brings.

Cameron Thorpe, CEO of DCT Gdansk, said “Customers based in land-locked countries, want reliability and peace of mind when it comes to choosing an entry or exit port often hundreds of kilometers away. They need to ship goods with confidence, but also at a cost effective price. DCT’s Gdansk’s locational advantage brings the world’s largest ships closer to these markets than traditional ports. Using effective rail routing, this means they have an efficient alternative port, that also brings considerable cost savings. With the current volumes moving via our terminal, we already have a proven concept showing the benefits for the cross-border markets south of Poland. With Adela on board as part of the team, we will be able to strengthen what we have, but also to start building among the logistics industry an understanding and knowledge about our capacity and the options we can offer for these markets.”


You can contact Adéla directly:


Tel.: +420 725 313 621




About DCT Gdansk – the Baltic Hub

 The DCT Gdansk container terminal connects Poland and CEE countries to the world’s largest shipping trade-lane between Europe and Asia. DCT Gdansk is a state-of-the-art container terminal with modern infrastructure handling some of the world’s largest ships to ensure that goods can be traded more efficiently. DCT Gdansk doesn’t only serve Poland, but with its deep-water location giving zero tidal or navigation restrictions, it also offers the most efficient way to serve the Baltic Sea market.

 DCT Gdansk is a true intermodal gateway with its own operated on-dock rail terminal, currently under-going an expansion to offer over five kilometers of rail sidings. DCT offers a cost effective way to serve the hinterland markets of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus and Western Ukraine. The terminal provides competitive delivery times and has one of the shortest rail routes into these land-locked markets therefore limiting the logistics carbon footprint.

 In 2019, DCT Gdansk handled over 2 million TEU (20-foot equivalent unit), with direct calls by the world’s largest ships afloat. Thanks to 17 metres of berth’s depth and Baltic’s largest container cranes with an outreach of 26 rows, DCT Gdansk is the only terminal in the Baltic Sea capable of handling ships of this size.

 With a track-record of continuous development and investments in terminal infrastructure and modern handling equipment, DCT Gdansk is also actively involved in environmental and local community initiatives, recognizing the role of terminals in sustainable socio-economic development.

 DCT Gdansk is a member of the PSA International Group with shareholding by the Polish Development Fund (PFR – Polski Fundusz Rozwoju) and the Australian investment fund IFM Investors.

DCT Gdansk is The Baltic Hub.