Meeting with District Councils


23.09.2022 – it was an important day for DCT!

Representatives of DCT Gdansk and the Port of Gdansk met today at the Harbour Master’s Office with Councillors of the Stogi and Przeróbka Districts, our closest Neighbours.
This was another of our regular meetings.

In the first part of today’s visit, we discussed the timetable for the construction of the new T3 terminal, the impact of the investment on the environment, the various stages of construction and their impact on the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods.
In the second part, we invited our guests for a cruise on the ship ‘Portowiec’ to show DCT from the water side and present the site, where the new terminal will be built.

On the ship, there was also time to talk about the activities we have carried out so far together with the District Councils, schools, district institutions as part of the “Busole District Grant” and about future projects for the residents of the neighbourhoods.

We believe that together we can still do a lot of good for the local community.
We are proud to be part of it.