DCT Gdansk launches grant competition for neighbouring districts

DCT Gdansk, the largest container terminal in the Baltic announced “Busole 2021” a grant competition for organizations operating in the neighboring districts of Stogi, Przeróbka and Krakowiec- Górki Zachodnie.  The idea behind the competition is to reward the most inspiring and engaging projects activating the local community, which are related i.a. to educational activities, local heritage or environmental protection or fighting the social exclusion of certain groups.

The competition is funded entirely by DCT Gdansk which allocates PLN 250.000 for this purpose.                                     

This is the first initiative by DCT Gdansk, aimed at the residents of all the districts immediately adjacent to the terminal. The winners will be selected by a special jury consisted of members of 3-4 institutions including DCT.  The jury will assess, among others, the positive impact of the proposed projects on the final beneficiaries of the project, the innovation and uniqueness of the projects and the experience of the applicant and partner(s) in implementing similar projects. The Jury will select 7 applications (DCT Gdańsk will offer grant agreements to these applicants in the first instance) as well as  3 so-called applications from the, reserve list.

Those who are allowed to apply for grant are not only non-profit organisations, but also schools, kindergartens, and organisations broadly involved in health care and sports promotion. However individuals, political parties, organisations established by them or with their support, or organisations established to provide assistance to specific people are not allowed to submit applications. The entire budget of the competition is PLN 250.000. An individual application should not exceed the amount of PLN 36.000. Applications can be submitted from 1 December 2021 to 31 January 2022.

Since our beginning in 2007, we have been very active in the life of the local community, taking a number of initiatives aiming to have a lasting impact on our neighbourhood; only last year we implemented 20 different community projects with 15 different partners. We support education, physical activity of children and youth, we help senior citizens, says Charles Baker, CEO of DCT Gdansk. – We cooperate with police, fire department, teachers, universities, scientists, sports clubs, foundations and hospices. We do not see these activities as a duty, but as an invaluable asset to our locality. According to Charles Baker, the grant project is another very important contribution to DCT’s activities for the benefit of its neighbours – people of Gdansk. DCT wants to co-create projects that are important for the residents, who are often DCT employees as well.

The application form for the competition as well as the terms and conditions are available on the website only in Polish – CSR/Grant Dzielnicowy Busole, where the list of beneficiaries will be published.

About DCT Gdańsk:

DCT Gdańsk was launched in 2007 and has a capacity of 3 million TEUs annually. In 2020, DCT Gdańsk handled over 1.9 million TEU. The total length of the terminal’s two deep-water quays is 1.3 km. DCT Gdańsk handles over 600 vessels per year, including 100 calls of the world’s largest container ships. On 8 April 2021, DCT Gdańsk handled its 15 millionth TEU since its inauguration 14 years ago.

DCT employs over 1000 staff, of which more than 50% live in Gdańsk and the surrounding districts. The terminal has a direct and visible impact on the Regional and Polish economies – it generates over 12 billion PLN a year in VAT, excise and customs duties for the Polish state budget.  . Aside from the Baltic Hub 3 project, DCT Gdańsk continues other major investment programmes, including the extension of the railway siding (expanding from 4 to 7 tracks – each 750 m long).

DCT Gdańsk supports local communities and clearly defined, measurable sustainability goals are an integral part of DCT’s business operations.

The terminal is owned by PSA International (40%), the Polish Development Fund (30%) and IFM Global Infrastructure Fund advised by IFM Investors (30 proc.). PSA International is a leading port group and trusted partner to cargo stakeholders. With flagship operations in Singapore and Antwerp, PSA’s global network encompasses over 50 locations in 26 countries around the world. The Polish Development Fund (PFR) is a financial group which offers instruments supporting the development of companies, local governments and individuals, and invests in sustainable social development and national economic growth. IFM Investors is a global institutional funds manager with US$118 billion under its management as of 31 March 2021.