Modern technology for container stuffing at DCT Gdansk terminal

19-th March 2010

DCT Gdansk container terminal invested in one “ACTIW LoadPlate” unit, a modern equipment designed to stuff any type of cargo into standard ISO containers.  ACTIW LoadPlate’s innovative technology eliminates complications and risks associated to stuffing of cargo normally considered difficult for containerisation or susceptible to be damaged by conventional loading methods. It can easily and efficiently stuff cargo such as: steel constructions, machinery, steel pipes, steel sheets, bars, steel profiles, structural sections, as well as many other long or bulky cargo. It also significantly reduces the risk of cargo being damaged, as cargo is conveniently arranged on a load plate The unit is also ideal for loading unitised cargo, such as pallets, big bags etc.,ensuring maximum utilization of cargo space in the container. ACTIW LoadPlate significantly improves the efficiency of general cargo handling operations and accelerates container cargo stuffing.

DCT Gdansk is the first container terminal in the Southern part of the Baltic Sea equipped with the ACTIW LoadPlate technology. ACTIW LoadPlate is produced by the Finnish company Actiw Oy and was delivered to DCT Gdansk terminal in the beginning of March 2010. After the assembly and implementation process ACTIW LoadPlate is now ready for use.All clients are invited to cooperate with DCT Gdansk terminal in the scope of container stuffing by the ACTIW LoadPlate equipment.

LoadPlate Pictures