Current situation at DCT Gdansk caused by the delays of oceanic vessels

9-th September 2016

Dear Sirs,

Last week we informed you about a very high level of the yard occupancy in DCT Gdansk container terminal (exceeding 90 per cent) caused by the recurring delays of oceanic ships – even up to 60 hours.

Oceanic vessels arriving in recent time with such a delay (even up to 2,5 days) could not remain without an influence on the yard, gate and rail operations.

We have made every effort to minimalise service delays at the terminal. For that purpose, we sped up starting operations on E1-E3 yards at the new T2 berth and also using two additional RTG cranes.

We run all of our operational capacity, which is used to its limits, in order to reduce the effects that you might experience because of the vessels’ delays, on which DCT terminal has no influence.

Thanks to employees’ involvement, at the weekend on rail we managed to handle 1360 containers, while the maximum assumed was 1250. Nevertheless, trains which do not have a permanent booking time, might be handled with a delay (1-2 days) for approx. two weeks. Trains with permanent booking time are handled according to the plan without any major delays.

The subsequent yards at the new T2 berth are gradually becoming operational and the new terminal equipment is being started. The situation will normalize within two weeks.

We would like to ask for your understanding and assure you that we want our cooperation to be at the highest level despite the difficulties, the causes of which are beyond the control of DCT Gdansk terminal.


DCT Gdansk S.A.