DCT Gdańsk conducts compensation activities because of the vicinity of Natura 2000 area and the occurrence in the investment area of protected, rare and valuable species of birds.

As regards the compensation of animals, DCT terminal has undertaken an initiative to extend the recommendations issued by the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection and carried out the compensation in the degree exceeding the recommended level.

In the course of the research it turned out that the birds occurring in the vicinity of DCT Gdańsk include the most valuable species. Works included fencing off the part of the beach adjacent to the terminal, where nests and breeding sites were built for the four species: common ringed plover, shelduck, merganser and little tern. The part of the beach where protected species of birds settled is under permanent supervision of ornithologists. The purpose of the fencing was to provide for the protection of new hatching sites of birds against people and beasts of prey.

Bird compensation is a large-scale project, implemented in close cooperation with the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection and ornithologists. It is very important to maintain significant parameters, so that birds may actually use the homes built for them.